Why love isn’t all you need and why you should NOT follow your passion

“Do you want the truth or something beautiful?”

- Paloma Faith.

I’d rather have the truth. Knowledge is power, whereas delusion can lead to mishaps.

Here are three misconceptions everyone needs to realise are bullshit.

Lie #1: All you need is love

This is a popular idea that sounds nice. It makes us feel warm inside to…

The very real-life dangers of faking severe mental illness

I was reading Rory Cockshaw’s article: Pseudo-Schizophrenia: How to Fool a Psychiatrist.

That talks about the time in 1973 in America when some people faked being mentally ill. In doing so, they were admitted into psychiatric hospitals.

Once in the hospitals, they saw shocking behaviour from the staff. And they…

Unlike anything you’ve ever heard before

Do you like soothing, atmospheric ambient music? If so, I recommend Windows startup music.

“What?” I hear you say. “But Windows startup music only last a few seconds.”

Not if you time-stretch it. Then it becomes smooth and otherworldly, like the sound of the sky itself.

Here is Windows 95 stretched to 40 times longer:

And here’s Windows 98 stretched to 80 TIMES LONGER:

There’s something…

In a deterministic universe without free will, are all actions involuntary?

In response to my long article about free will, Apologues wrote:

“I think an interesting question is why it matters so much to Sam Harris (and to his many acolytes, including Edward John) to prove that free will does not exist”

It’s human nature. When a person strongly believes something…

Don’t bother answering. I already know the answer and I know I’m right.

“I don’t care what anyone thinks about me.”

I’m sceptical whenever I hear someone say that. I think: “What are they protecting in themselves with that defence mechanism?”

Because it’s an overreaction to the opposite problem — caring too much about what people think.

If you care what everyone thinks…

Edward John

I’ve never smeared peanut butter over a donkey’s face. I can juggle while lying down. About me: Contact me:

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