If Somebody Offered You Free Electricity in Exchanged for Being Constantly Watched

Would you take it?

Edward John
2 min readAug 3, 2022


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Imagine this scenario:

An electricity company offers you free electricity for the rest of your life. You can leave as many lights on as you want and plug in loads of electrical equipment, but you will never pay for electricity ever again. They will even replace your lightbulbs whenever they need replacing.

There’s just one catch:

They install CCTV cameras all over your house and constantly watch everything you do. They keep a constant log of all your activity. Then they display targetted adverts to you around your home.

Or how about this scenario:

You can get as much free fuel for your car as you will ever need. Drive as far as you want. It doesn’t matter. You will never pay for it. And if your car needs fixing, they will pay for that too. In fact, you know what? You can have a free car.


Everywhere you go, you’re constantly followed by a spy who watches everything you’re doing.

Would you accept either of these offers?

If you answered “no”, consider this:

This is exactly the same as what happens when you use Facebook. You should be paying for something so useful and integrated into your life. But you’re not. Why? Because they monitor you the whole time and then show you adverts.

Just because you haven’t got cameras pointing at you or an actual person looking at you doesn’t mean it’s not the same. It’s exactly the same. You’re being watched and sold EVERY DAMN DAY.



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